Grupo Reputación Corporativa provides the following services of Marketing and Communication Strategy, Corporate and Digital Communication, focused all of them in getting return on investment, both tangible and intangible. 

Social Media Strategy

-A previous Analysis of the health of your corporate communication and your conversation in digital media.

-Study of your visibility in traditional mass media (Press, Radio and Television) and digital media.

-General Marketing Plan. We establish the best KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) for your company.

-Digital Marketing: analysis of the client, its market situation and its product/service.

-Study of  your company resources for: Mobile Marketing, Social CRM, Neuromarketing, Content Marketing and other tools in order to apply them in digital media (wikis and peer production/mass collaboration).

-We make a report of the transparency and situation of your company in the market. We would study a possible change in your corporate culture if it is needed.

-Exam of the company Community Management. Use of corporate social networks.

-Active profiles of your company managers in social networks (we select the best virtual communities, profesional microblogging platforms, personal branding, etcetera).

-We activate profiles of your employees in social networks (we select the best platforms, the more convenient contents about the brand, etcetera).

-We test the information flows, conversations and sinergies among managers, employees, providers, clients, contributors…

-We test the necesity of creating a manual of Corporate Social Media.

-We make a diagnosis of the reputation on line of your company’s workers and of your brand.

-We make a plan of the contents that you should share in virtual communities.

-We select the best monitoring tools, statistics and measuring and metrica tools in order to prepare our monthly social media reports.

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Community Manager 

-Qualified professional with postgraduate studies in management on line of intangible assets and with experience in the management of virtual business communities.

-We analyse if your company must be in the social media or not.

-We set up your company goals according to your annual strategy plan (Marketing and Results).

-The Social Media Manager is the professional that sets up your strategy on line and the best tactics for your company. On the other hand, the Community Manager is the professional who develops your strategy every day and every minute.

-We analyse the reputation on line of your company, always in real time, and how your reputation influences in your sale figures and your corporate prestige.

-We detect the suggestions of your clients and their consumption behaviours.

-We moderate the comments about your company published in social media networks and, of course, we apply the rules established in the Social Media Manual of your company.

-We dinamyze new conversations in virtual communities.

Shop on line 

-We make a report of the e-commerce viability in your company and its compatibility with you sales model.

-We make a selection of the best computing tool or the best application in order to develop a shop on line.

-Digital and Corporate Marketing Strategies for your shop on line. Design of campaigns focused in getting new clients and build loyalty among your followers.

-A strategy in Digital and Corporate Communications specially designed for your shop on line.

-We set up sinergies with the digital identity of your company and the personal and professional networks of your stakeholders (company managers, employees, providers, contributors and clients).

-We select the best monitoring tool in order to analyze the web flows (their origin, time of use and way out) and give the best suggestions for your shop on line.

-We select the best financial and social measuring tools for your shop on line.


Smartphones and tablets applications (apps) 

-We analyze the convenience of having an smartphone application (IOS, Android, etcetera) specially designed for your company and its influence in your commercial strategy.

-Design of the app structure (texts, multimedia files, chat conversations, links to social media, sinergy with the digital identity of your company, etcetera)

-We set up the timing for renewing the contents and the software for the app.

-Marketing and Communication Strategies for the application.

Web Analytics

-We implement basic web metrics: bounce rate/ output rate/ conversion rate/ unique visitors/ time on the web and time on the site/ Commintment

-We set up the lapse of time for web metrics: Defining/ Measuring/ Analyzing/Action/Improving/Eliminating.

-We create the manual or the report in web analytics (daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly).

-We measure the social web according to the statistics of every platform or according to a external provider. We get real conclusions about the figures and graphics.

-Desing of the Conversion Funnel.

-Analysis of the commercial campaigns in digital media. 

Corporate Blog 

-The blog is assigned the role that it deserves in the Digital and Corporate Marketing Strategies.   

-Study of the resources (timing, contents, sinergies, contacts, etcetera) that we need to release the corporate blog and to maintain it.

-Selection of the best platform to host the blog, the best design and the links to the digital identity of the company.

-We decide the professional staff who creates original contents that really show the added value of the company. Timing of the posts.

-A protocol to assure the best visibility for every post published in digital media and virtual communities.

-We look for the most suitable monitoring system for the blog and the best web metrics. 

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Social Web     

-Creation of a website for your company, which is opened to listen, cooperate and share knowledge with the public. Conversation in real time, video calls, exchange of every kind of file no matter the digital device in use (desktop or mobile).

-An active involvement in the joint management of your company online reputation.

-Digital Communication and Marketing Strategies focused in every member of your target audience.

-An independient content manager that renews the contents of the web, which is usable and easy to deal without computering knowledge.

-Multilingual setting to get profitable clients no matter the country.

-Monitoring and metrics systems suitable for a social web.

Management of corporate sites and profiles

-In all platforms and social networks: Pinterest, Quora, Xing, Viadeo, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tuenti, Linkedin, FourSquare, Path, Instagram, etcetera.

-Definition of the Social Media Manager and Community Manager strategies. Our goal: Return on Investment.

-Consistency between the general marketing plan and the digital marketing strategies.

-Contents strategy, comment moderation, exchange, active listening, etcetera.

-Daily dinamization in order to generate new conversations, get the involvement of the public in the company campaigns, attract new followers and keep alive the virtual community.

-We make monthly statistic reports and conclusions in order to improve our goals permanently.    

Management of Professional Profiles

-We manage the profiles of the company managers in debate settings, networking and management exchange and success stories.

-Management of the ‘digital footprint’. We obtain the digital identity from the Internet and Social Media searching engines.

-Strategies to improve professional careers using the social networks (to promote inside the company, change jobs, active job searching…).

-Look for the best professional social networks according to your profile.

-And other social media that are good for your profile.

-We develop communication protocols to chat and debate in digital media.

-Sinergies with the communication and marketing strategies of your company.

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Corporate Communication Strategy

Corporate Image

-Manual of Corporate Identity. We advise you about corporate material: brochures, reports, displays presentations, graphics, audiovisual material, etcetera.

-We maintain the news section and the press clipping website.

-We oversee and renew the website positioning on the Internet.

-Design and management of the advertising campaign/media plan

-Merchandising and business gifts.

-Providers of market researchs. 

Mass media 

-Daily relationship with selected mass media and, particularly, with the press professionals.

-We answer quickly and professionally when journalists ask for information. We give you information about that special issues or reports in specialized publications that are convenient and suitable for you company.

-Control of the news appearing in the media previosly selected. We colect all that information in a Monthly Report of Communication. We advise you about the best communicational tool for each goal and situation.

-We assist the mass media commercial agents in the design of a good media plan or an advertising plan. 

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Events and Protocol 

-We elaborate and oversee a manual of corporate protocol in order to promote the institutional relationships with the private companies and public administrations.

-We actively advise about the organization of your company own events.

-We advise about the convenience of taking part in events organized by other companies that give prestige and excelence to your company.

-We provide information about seminars, conferences and congress that help your company to improve its net of professional contacts. 

Internal Communication

-Elaboration of an Internal Communication Plan, essential for the good development and management of the external communication of the company.

-The representative of your company in touch with Grupo Reputación Corporativawill be the essential machinery for the development of the internal and external communication.

-We organize the human resources with the same company philosophy, the same values and the same goals.

-We promove new ways of encouraging a competitive and efficient work atmosphere.

-We organize wokshops focused in teaching how to speak in public and answer the questions of journalists (press, radio and television).

Institutional Relations

-We coordinate the relations of your company with public and private institutions.

-We define the requirements of projection that your company needs to accomplish.

-We identify the best forums in which the senior managers of your company have to take part.

-We coordinate relations with the most influential analysts of your sector and we send them valuable information.

-We create and maintain appropriate channels of knowledge. The best associations and trade associations to promote your company’s networking.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 

-We design and oversee the implementation of the behaviour code of your company. We define and manage the Social Plan (the social activities in favour of disadvantaged groups)

-According to the corporate guidelines, we implement the strategy and the social responsibility actions.

-We measure the efficiency and we establish the traceability of the corporate social responsability actions. 

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Corporate Reputation Test of your company

RepTrack® of the Reputation Institute


-Quality of products and services.  

-It ensures your products and services.

-Good quality-price relation

-Focused to the client                                       


-Good management

-Strong and well-respected leaders

-A clear vision of your future

-A potential for future growth


-Generation of benefits for its owners.

-Good results


-An easy adaptation to changes

-Regular release of new products/services

-It promotes that employees generate new ideas 


-It gives a fair salary to its employees

-It implies security for its employees

-A good place for working


-It supports charity activities

-It protects the environment

-It contributes to the country development


-It doesn’t make a unsuitable use of its power

-It doesn’t envolve itself in non-ethical business


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